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The fun, easy way for you and your family to speak Spanish

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UK £19.95 inc p&p (postage & packing)
Spain €36.25 approx* inc p&p see exact price
Europe excluding Spain and UK £34.95 inc p&p
Outside Europe £44.95 inc p&p

• You will be charged the euro equivalent of £29.95 at the time of purchase. The exact euro amount will vary according to the current exchange rate. This euro figure is a guide, accurate at 11 April 2014. To see the precise updated euro amount, press the 'Buy in Spain' button below.

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 £19.95 inc p&p
 €36.25 approx inc p&p
 £34.95 inc p&p
 £44.95 inc p&p

'But it's added to my order instead of changing it...!'

If you've changed your mind during the order and pressed both 'Buy in Spain' and then 'Buy in the UK', you might find the order screen lists both purchases, instead of just the one you want. No problem - simply set the 'Quantity' box to 0 for the one you don't want, and press the 'Recalculate' button. Your unwanted purchase will be removed.

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If you prefer ordering by post, send a cheque made payable to SJS Games ltd to SJS Games, 60 Westella Road, Kirkella, East Yorkshire, HU10 4QN, England. Include your name and address!


SJS Games will dispatch your game within 24 hours of receiving your order.


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