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The fun, easy way for you and your family to speak Spanish

About us

Comprendo!® the Board Game is produced in Hull, East Yorkshire, England, by SJS Games.

Who is behind SJS Games?

SJS Games was incorporated in 2007 by John R Ainsley, Stephen L Foster and Cheryl Halls. It is registered at Companies House, no. 06347809.

Who devised Comprendo!®?

The game was developed by John and Stephen over the period 2001–2008. For more details, see the history page.

Who designed Comprendo!®?

The production version was designed by Jenko of Hull, a marketing and design consultancy set up in 1984. Jenko employs twelve people and is privately owned by its directors. Its in-house teams include specialists in graphic design, marketing, communications and project management, working in a lively, open and creative environment. Only two and a half hours by train from London, Jenko offers a highly competitive alternative to big-city agencies.

"We're delighted we chose Jenko," say John and Stephen. "Not just for the design flair and practical expertise that they brought to the game, but also their patience through all our last-minute tweaking and fine-tuning!"

Who runs this website?

This website is administered on behalf of SJS Games by Bike99 of London, who also produce the website for the cycling guidebook 50 Quirky Bike Rides in England and Wales.

Who provides the payment processing?

Secure payment processing is provided through Protx and Yorkshire Bank.

"We'd like to thank Yorkshire Bank for excellent support and customer service," say Stephen and John. "We're delighted to be collaborating with them on Comprendo!®."

Who else helped with the project?

Stephen and John would like to say a big thank you to their friends and family – many of whom spent dozens of hours playing prototypes of the game and providing feedback – for their patience, encouragement, enthusiasm and support.

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