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The fun, easy way for you and your family to speak Spanish


About Comprendo!®

This fast and fun family game simulates a holiday in Spain.

You don't need to know any Spanish beforehand – but you do need your wits about you!

How it works

By speaking Spanish words and phrases you collect day trips. The first person to match these day trips to their original 'wish list' wins.


How does Comprendo!® help me learn Spanish?

It gets you listening and speaking! In a typical game, you'll ask, and answer, dozens of simple multiple-choice questions. They're designed by Spanish teachers and linguists to be fun and easy to remember. Even after one game, you'll have learned lots of useful words and phrases without realising.

But I don't know a word of Spanish...

No problem! You don't need any Spanish to play. The questions in Comprendo!® are specially constructed with clues so that even complete beginners can answer them. All the Spanish has an easy pronunciation guide. Playing Comprendo!® is not like being in a classroom. There's no grammar or exercises. You pick the language up unconsciously, by hearing and speaking. It's a friendly, fast-moving family game, and making the odd mistake is all part of the fun!


Who will enjoy playing Comprendo!®?

Comprendo!® is designed for two to six players. Parents, grandparents and kids will all enjoy playing the game. If your children are old enough to read, they're old enough to enjoy playing Comprendo!®. Children can play the game unsupervised from about the age of 11.

What about people who already speak Spanish pretty well?

They'll love the game too. Reading and answering the questions will keep their basic Spanish up to scratch, and they'll pick up lots of new words and phrases that crop up 'incidentally' in the multiple choice questions and answers.


How long does a game of Comprendo!® last?

About 40–90 minutes.

Why do people enjoy playing Comprendo!®?

It's an enjoyable way for the family to get together and prepare for a holiday in Spain – or to look back on one. It's great for keeping your Spanish alive in between trips too, whether that's holiday or business. Playing Comprendo® gives you a chance to bring some Mediterranean warmth to a winter night. And with a glass of wine or two, it's a fun alternative to evening classes!

How do I order Comprendo!®?

Either through the post, or directly online right now with your credit card at a special discount. See our Buy online page for details.

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